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The reaction to my video series, Today, You Are Ready to Get on Board, has been wonderful. People are really excited about how easy it is to launch and build a board career right now, regardless of their age and career stage. (It’s not too late to watch the videos, so click here to sign up for the entire series.)

And here’s the great news: what we explored in the videos is only the beginning. If you want to volunteer and/or make a living on boards, now is your chance to accelerate your growth and take your place at the boardroom table.

Earlier this morning, I opened public enrolment to my online course, The Boardroom Blueprint.

It will only happen twice a year. And when it does, the doors are just open for a week. The other 50 weeks of the year, those asking me for board career coaching end up on the waiting list.

Today is exciting for another reason.

I have set aside special, all-new bonus materials exclusively for people who join the class this week. I’m particularly proud of the contact database of more than 400 executive recruiters filling board roles around the world. I am so excited about the time it’s going to save you and the access to key decision makers you’ll enjoy.

Before I go into detail about that, though, let me answer the two most common questions I hear about the program.

Question #1: Is the Boardroom Blueprint right for me?

It depends. It is certainly not right for everyone. I recommend it for a few types of people:

  • You’ve read my blog posts, but you’re looking for a deeper level of content.
    The Boardroom Blueprint is the “inner circle.” Don’t get me wrong. I am very proud of the content I share for free on my blog. But frankly, it’s just scratching the surface! In the Boardroom Blueprint program, I pull back the curtain on the specific steps that will build your board career.
  • You have made some progress towards board work, but find yourself not achieving the momentum you want.
    The Boardroom Blueprint will save you time and ease your frustration. It’s a step-by-step method in targeting the right boards for you, writing your board resumé, building your network, and acing board interviews. We cover the various paths to board service, juggling commitments on multiple boards, how to succeed as a new director, and more — the big-picture breakthroughs all the way down to the practical nitty-gritty.
  • As an aspiring director — a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, young professional or advisor — you sometimes feel isolated and discouraged trying to get noticed.
    When I studied at Wharton, I learned just as much outside the classroom as I did inside it. The same is true at the Boardroom Blueprint. The community that gathers for group coaching calls may be the most valuable part of the program. Powerful, practical insights are revealed there. You get encouragement, a sounding board, and tons of real-world ideas right when you need them. No more isolation.

If any of those points resonate with you, join the class while the doors are open this week.

The second most common question I hear is this:

Question #2: “How much does the Boardroom Blueprint cost?”

When I tell people about it, their first assumption is that they won’t be able to afford this level of premium content.

But here’s the thing – I’m so proud of this program. I believe the content is transformational. I have seen it work with my clients and I want it to work for anyone willing to try something new.

The price needs to be much more affordable than my one-on-one coaching. That’s why it costs C$997, a mere fraction of what you would earn in your first year in a paid board role.

The doors will be open all week, so you have until Friday, January 29th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time to join us.

Those who join this class this week will enjoy three very special bonuses.

This is my personal list of 400+ executive search professionals who recruit for highly coveted board roles today. Every continent is represented and the list is easily searchable by city and country.

These are the key questions I ask to oversee IT risk – without a tech background. Many directors clam up when the board agenda turns to technology. I can help you speak with confidence about a key enabler that is increasingly important to boards today.

My database of questions reflects a sophisticated understanding of an organization’s strategy and director responsibilities. Pose questions that make you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate the kind of director you will be.

The bonuses are only available to those who raise their hands and join me at the Boardroom Blueprint before Friday, January 29th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

You could wait several months for enrolment to open again. But that’s a lot of time to lose.

Seize the opportunity today. If it’s not right for you, no sweat. I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There’s really nothing to lose. And there is SO much to gain. I want that next level of success for you.

Join me inside the inner circle.

P.S. If you’re still not sure whether the Boardroom Blueprint is right for you, read this feedback from my clients and colleagues. Through their words, you can get a glimpse of what it’s like on the inside.

What will this investment make possible for you? Join the class and let’s find out.




Experience the Impact You Were Meant to Have

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